<![CDATA[Diamond Bus Group News]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news.html <![CDATA[VELO EVENT: BUS SERVICE DISRUPTION]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/VELOEVENTBUSSERVICEDISRUPTION_628.html On Sunday 24th September the Velo Cycle Race Event will take place across the West Midlands and Worcestershire. Some bus services across the area will be suspended, diverted or delayed as a result of road closures to allow the event to take place. Please see below for Diamond services affected on this day.

Revised timetables for the day are available to download on the individual service pages.


002 from Merry Hill:
0903, 0933,1003, 1033 departures will not operate.
1103 departure and every 30 mins until 1803 will terminate at Howley Grange Road.
Section between Howley Grange and Weoley Castle will not be served throughout the day.

002 from Howley Grange Road:
Section between Weoley Castle and Howley Grange will not be served throughout the day.
0859, 0929, 0959, 1029, 1059 departures from Howley Grange Road will not operate.
Service will commence at 1129 and every 30 mins until 1729 from Howley Grange Rd.

4H from Walsall / West Bromwich:
0905, 0935, 1005 departures from Walsall / 0828, 0858, 0928, 1003 and 1033 departures from West Bromwich towards Hayley Green will terminate at Dudley Road / Coombs Road.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

4H from Hayley Green:
0903, 0933, 1003, 1038 and 1108 departures from Haley Green will start from Dudley Road / Coombs Road at 0914, 0944, 1014, 1049 and 1119.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

13 from Merry Hill:
1015 from Merry Hill will not operate.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

13 from Halesowen:
0945 and 1045 from Halesowen will not operate.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

54A from West Bromwich:
0935 and 1035 from West Bromwich will terminate at Brandhall Interchange.

54A from Quinton:
0930, 1030 and 1130 from Quinton will start from Brandhall Interchange at 0937, 1037 and 1137.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

142 from Stourbridge:
0950 and 1050 from Stourbridge will not operate.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.

142 from Halesowen:
1020 and 1120 from Halesowen will not operate.
Service will then operate as normal for the remainder of the day.


42 from Redditch:
0810, 1110, 1410 Departures from Redditch will terminate at Bromsgrove Bus Station.
Section between Bromsgrove and Kidderminster will not be served throughout the day.

42 from Kidderminster:
1210, 1510, 1810 Departures from Kidderminster will commence at Bromsgrove Bus Station at 1235, 1535, 1835.
Section between Kidderminster and Bromsgrove will not be served throughout the day.

3 from Kidderminster: 
During this day, we will not be able to serve Abberley Avenue.
Services will follow the diversion as follows: Normal line of route until Areley Kings Post Office, then continue along Areley Common to Dunley Road turn right and return back to Stourport. Stops on Abberley Avenue, Redstone Lane & Pearl Lane will not be served.

Please be aware that other services in the surrounding areas of the race may also be delayed due to increased traffic around the event and diversion routes. Please allow additional time for your journey. Full details of road closures across the region can be found here: https://velobirmingham.com/the-route/road-closures/

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<![CDATA[004 and 226 Service Changes]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/004and226ServiceChanges_626.html 226 Timetable change 

From Monday 25th September the 226 Monday to Saturday timetable will change. Daytime services will operate as a 20 minute frequency.

Revised times are available to download here

004 Service Withdrawal

The 004 service from Harborne to Merry Hill will be withdrawn and last date of operation will be Saturday 30th September 2017.

The following alternative Diamond Bus services are available between Merry Hill and Halesowen: 

002 - Merry Hill to Weoley Castle via Halesowen
13 - Merry Hill to Halesowen via Fatherless Barn
17- Merry Hill to Halesowen via Cradley Heath

Alternative services between Halesowen and Harborne are provided by National Express West Midlands service 244

For further information and to plan your alternative journey please visit www.networkwestmidlands.com

We thank you for your custom on this service.

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<![CDATA[Diamond Bus Service changes from 3rd September 2017.]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/DiamondBusServicechangesfrom3rdSeptember2017_625.html From 3rd September there will be some changes to services operated by Diamond Bus:

004 Merry Hill to Harbourne. Changes to timetable.

13 Merry Hill to Halesowen: Changes to timetable.

17 Merry Hill to Halesowen: Changes to timetable.

208 Dudley to Merry Hill: Changes to timetable.

229 Bilston to Dudley :Changes to timetable.

749 Amblecote to Ridgewood High School: Changes to timetable.

28A Ward End to Small Heath : Changes to timetable.

133 Kidderminster to Droitwich : Changes to timetable - School trips are withdrawn.

Revised timetables are available to download from the individual service pages.

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<![CDATA[Even more tickets available at PayPoint stores in Worcestershire]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/EvenmoreticketsavailableatPayPointstoresinWorcestershire_623.html
From 1st September there will be a wider choice of PayPoint tickets available in Redditch and we're launching PayPoint tickets in Kidderminster too!

From 1st September there will be a wider choice of PayPoint tickets available in Redditch and we're launching PayPoint tickets in Kidderminster too!

Using PayPoint is a great way to buy your Diamond Bus tickets, just pop into your local store to pay for your journey quickly and easily before you travel.

From 1st September you will be able to purchase your PayPoint tickets upto 2 days in advance of travel. This means you can now pick up your bus ticket at the weekend to use on Monday morning! This reduces queuing times on the bus, especially at busy times and helps the driver leave the bus stop on time.


Even more tickets available
From 1st September Diamond Network tickets will also be available from PayPoint outlets, which means you can now buy tickets to travel even further across the Diamond Network. This Includes some exclusive PayPoint Child Network tickets.

Now available in Kidderminster
PayPoint tickets have been very popular in Redditch, and we are pleased to annouce that PayPoint tickets will now be available in selected PayPoint stores in Kidderminster too. You can find a list of PayPoint stores that stock our tickets here.

You can buy the following Diamond Bus tickets at PayPoint stores:

Available in Redditch Stores
Redditch Adult Week £9.00  
Redditch Adult Month £33.00  
Redditch Child Week £8.00  
Redditch Child Month £27.00 Exclusive to PayPoint
Available in Kidderminster Stores
Kidderminster Adult Week £12.00 *NEW*
Kidderminster Adult Month £35.00 *NEW*
Kidderminster Child Week £7.50 *NEW*
Kidderminster Child Month £28.00 *NEW* Exclusive to PayPoint
Available in Redditch and Kidderminster Stores
Diamond Network Adult Week £24.00 *NEW*
Diamond Network Adult Month £80.00 *NEW*
Diamond Network Child Week £20.00 *NEW* Exclusive to PayPoint
Diamond Network Child Month £68.00 *NEW* Exclusive to PayPoint

To find your local PayPoint store click here or visit https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb

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<![CDATA[Hansons services to become Diamond Bus services]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/HansonsservicestobecomeDiamondBusservices_617.html From Sunday 27th August 2017, Hansons services will be operated by Diamond Bus.

From this date Hansons tickets will no longer be available and Diamond Bus fares will apply to all services. 

By transferring to Diamond tickets and passes Hansons customers will benefit from access to a much bigger network of services across the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

Hansons ticket machines will be replaced with our new machines, which means that tickets can be purchased on-bus using Cash or Contactless Payment Cards. Selected tickets and passes are also available from our Website and from our Mobile App.

Swift and nBus tickets will continue to be accepted.

Details of Hansons tickets that will no longer be available and Diamond Bus alternatives can be found here.

Further information on all Diamond Tickets and Passes can be found here.


Service Changes:
From the 27th August Diamond Bus will continue to operate Hansons services under their current timetable schedules. There will be changes to the following services:

226 - From 27th August Diamond will operate the combined timetable of Hansons and Diamond services. The revised timetable is available here.

004 - There is a timetable change to the 004 service from 3rd September. The revised timetable is available here.

Hansons services are now listed in the Services section of our website under the West Midlands and Worcestershire tabs.


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<![CDATA[Order your Autumn Termlink Pass now!]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/OrderyourAutumnTermlinkPassnow_618.html
As the Summer Holiday draws to a close, its time to think about your Autumn Term Bus Pass! Don't forget to apply in time for the start of term.

As the Summer Holiday draws to a close, its time to think about your Autumn Term Bus Pass! Don't forget to apply in time for the start of term.

If you already have a Termlink Pass its easy to renew by doing it online...Visit our Termlink ticket page to buy through the website, you can easily add extras such as a new Pass Wallet to your order too.

New applicants can apply via the application form here.

We offer a range of great value Termlink passes for students of all ages! As long as you’re in full time education you can take advantage of one of our Termlink cards. They are a great way of saving money on journeys to and from school and they can be used in the evening,  at weekends and even during the school holidays!

Visit our Termlink passes page to find out more about great value unlimited travel from just £65 per term.

Please remember that the beginning of the new academic year is a very busy time for pass applications, we advise you to send in your application by Wednesday 23rd August to guarantee delivery in time for 1st September. Applications received after this date will be processed as quickly as possible but can not be guaranteed to arrive by this date.

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<![CDATA[August Bank Holiday Service Levels]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/AugustBankHolidayServiceLevels_576.html A Sunday service will operate across the whole Diamond Bus Network on August Bank Holiday - Monday 28th August.

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<![CDATA[Rotala Plc purchases Hanson's Local Bus]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/RotalaPlcpurchasesHansonsLocalBus_612.html On 28th July 2017 the parent company of Diamond Bus, Rotala Plc, completed the purchase of Hanson’s Local Bus.

In the immediate future there will be no change to Hanson’s services, timetables or ticket validity.

Hanson’s services will continue to accept nBus and Swift tickets and passes. Diamond Bus and other operators tickets and passes are still not valid for travel on Hanson’s Bus services and vice versa.

For customer services and lost property enquiries, please continue to contact Hanson's on:

Tel: 01384 894 020    Email: info2016@hansonslocalbus.co.uk

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 00:00:00 GMT http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/RotalaPlcpurchasesHansonsLocalBus_612.html
<![CDATA[Hello Summer!]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/HelloSummer_609.html
School Holiday Offers are back from Saturday 22nd July.

The Summer is finally here and our great value family day ticket offers are back for the holidays, so its a great time to plan some fun days out with the kids...

From Saturday 22nd July until Sunday 3rd September 2017 all of our Diamond Family Day Tickets are on special offer to help you get out and about and make the most of your School Holiday.

Unlimited travel for all the Family from just £5!
With our Family Day tickets, up to 2 adults and 4 children can enjoy unlimited travel on all Diamond and Signature Bus services in the zone specified for a whole day.

'West Midlands Family Day', 'Redditch Family Day' & 'Kidderminster Family Day' tickets are just £5! These are valid all day within the areas specified.

If you want to travel further afield, our Diamond Network Family Day is just £7.50 during the holiday. That’s a massive savings of £6.50 off the usual Network price! And you can use this ticket on ANY Diamond or Signature Bus ANYWHERE on the Diamond Network.

Save more at Midlands attractions when you travel by bus!
Not only is traveling by bus a great value way of getting around, did you know that if you travel by bus to many great West Midlands venues you could receive a discount on your entry ticket! 

Head on over to the Network West Midlands website to see the latest discounts available at attractions such as Black Country Living Museum, Dudley Zoo, Thinktank, Sealife and many more. Just download your chosen voucher and show it with your bus ticket to claim the offer!

There's lots of places to visit over on our Places of Interest page and we'll be putting ideas on our social media pages through the summer too, so dont forgrt to keep checking that for days out inspiration. Why not Tweet us and tells us where you're going during the holidays…. #explorewithdiamond!

Follow us at:


Diamond Family Day Tickets Terms and Conditions: A Family Day Ticket is valid for one day unlimited travel on all Diamond and Signature services in the zone specified for up to 2 adults and 4 children. A family group must consist of at least 1 adult & 1 child. Children aged 5-15.

Network West Midlands Attractions Vouchers Terms and Conditions: Some terms and conditions may appy to local attractions offers, please refer to your chosen voucher and Network West Midlands for further details.

Please remember that a Sunday service will be in operation on Diamond services during Bank Holiday Monday 28th August. See individual service pages for timetables.

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<![CDATA[Catch the Bus Week returns from 3 July until 9 July.]]> http://www.diamondbuses.com/news/CatchtheBusWeekreturnsfrom3Julyuntil9July_604.html
...and to encourage you and your family to get out and about on the bus, we’ll be bringing our popular Family Day ticket offers back for the week.

#CTBW is a national campaign to encourage people who don’t normally take the bus to give it a try. There'll be competitions and offers available throughout the week to encourage you to leave the car at home and hop on board during Catch the Bus Week.

To encourage you and your family to get out and about on the bus, we’ll be bringing our popular Family Day ticket offers back for the week. With travel for up to 2 adults and 4 children from just £5, its a great way for the family to try the bus and enjoy a fun day out together. Did you know you can also get some great discounts at attractions in the West Midlands when you travel there by bus! Click here to find out more.

We'll be joining the Network West Midlands Team in Mell Square, Solihull on Tuesday 4th  and at Merry Hill on Friday 7th July, where there will be lots of opportunties to find out about bus travel.

On our facebook page we'll be letting you know about many of the benefits of choosing to travel by bus and we'll be posting a daily competition question for you to answer. Correct answers will be entered into a prize draw to be in with a chance of winning a Diamond Week Mobile App ticket*. Just post your answer on our facebook page with the hashtag #DiamondCTBW.

We want to encourage you to find out more about bus travel, so you'll be able to find all the answers by checking out information on our website or by visiting Network West Midlands and the National Catch the Bus Week websites.

To see the daily competition question and find out more about #DiamondCTBW, just follow us on facebook/diamondbuses

And for kids we've got a drawing competition too. Just download the entry form here, get your pens or pencils out and create a poster promoting the benefits of catching the bus. Send your completed entry back to us by post and one lucky winner will win a Diamond Network Family Day Ticket for you and your family to enjoy. Poster design competition is open until Friday 14th July 2017**

Competition Terms and Conditions:
* Facebook Diamond Daily Question Competition is open to all followers of the Diamond Facebook page. Entries must be posted in the comments section below the daily question and include the hashtag #DiamondCTBW. One winner will be picked at random from all correct entries at the end of Catch the Bus Week and informed through our facebook page. Only 1 entry per person per day. Winner must be able to download and sign up to the Diamond Mobile App in order to receive their prize.

** Poster Design Competion is open to children up to the age of 15. All entries must be received at our head office: Diamond Bus Ltd, Hallbridge Way, Tipton Rd, Tividale, West Midlands B69 3HW by Friday 14th July 2017. Only 1 entry per child. 1 winner will be notified by Friday 28th July. The winners name and entry design may be posted on the Diamond Bus Website & Facebook page. Judges decision is final. Entrants details must be fully completed on the form to be entered into competition. A Diamond Family Day ticket is valid for travel for up to 2 Adults and 4 Children traveling together for one day on any Diamond or Signature Bus. A family group must consist of at least 1 adult and 1 child.

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