Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a selection of our frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your enquiry here, then drop us a line via out contact us page.

Frequent Enquires:

How can I get my change back as the Driver did not have any?
At Diamond we do give change on board subject to availability. If your driver does not have enough change to give you at the time of boarding, they will take the money you have to pay for your fare and ask if they can provide the change further along the route when other passengers have boarded with change. If you reach your destination and the driver has still been unable to provide you with your change, please ask the driver to write on the back of the ticket how much change you are owed, their Driver Number, Bus Number and date.

In order to request the change owed to you please send a hard copy of your ticket and the details of your journey to Customer Services, these are reviewed on a case by case basis; refunds or change requests will not be authorised over the phone or by email.

Do you accept other tickets and passes?
Please note that Diamond do not accept other operators tickets and passes* in full or part payment for travel on our services. If you require travel on more than one operator, we advise the purchase of a multi-operator ticket such as nBus or nNetwork in the West Midlands or Connecta in Worcestershire.
(*service exceptions: 26 & 27 Stratford - other operators tickets are permitted on common parts of these routes).

Do you allow dogs on board?
Dogs are permitted to travel on Diamond services free of charge at the descretion of the Driver. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under good control at all times. Dogs must not be allowed on the seats. If the Driver feels that a dog could pose a risk to the comfort or safety of other passengers, they may politely tell you that you will unfortunately be unable to travel on that service.

What is your wheelchair policy?
As part of our commitment to providing accessible travel virtually all our buses have a dedicated area for wheelchair users, where other passengers are asked to give up the space for a wheelchair.

These vehicles are fitted with a wheelchair ramp which should be operated by the driver, if you require assistance getting up the ramp please ask. Wheelchairs should be reversed into the dedicated area so the wheelchair is facing the back of the bus and brakes should be applied. The aisles should be kept clear at all times.

Wheelchairs (and disability pushchairs) have priority use of the wheelchair space. If this is occupied with a buggy, standing passengers or otherwise full, and there is other space available on the bus. The driver should ask that it is made free for a wheelchair user. Please note the driver has no power to compel passengers to do this and must rely on the goodwill of the passengers concerned. Unfortunately if a fellow passenger is unwillingly to move the customer will have to wait for the next bus.

How many buggies do you permit on your buses?
The number of buggy spaces available on vehicles will vary depending on the size of the bus. Buggies may remain unfolded in the 'Buggy Area' during less busy periods however at busy times buggies must be folded to allow other passengers onto the bus.

When in the 'Buggy Area' the brakes should be applied and hold onto your buggy at all times. Please help us make the journey safer for everyone, do not block aisles or exits of the bus with your buggy and please supervise any young children carefully whilst on board.

If a passenger wishes to board and no space is available due to unfolded buggies, the driver is permitted to request that passengers fold their buggies. However the driver has no power to compel passengers to do this and must rely on the goodwill of the passengers concerned. Unfortunately if a fellow passenger is unwillingly to move additonal customers will have to wait for the next bus.

Do you allow electronic cigarettes on board?
Smoking of any kind is NOT permitted on any Diamond Bus, this includes all types of electronic cigarettes and vapour cigarettes. Passengers are also reminded it is illegal to smoke conventional cigarettes on board a bus.

Do you allow bicycles on board?
Bicycles cannot be carried unless they fold up and can be safely stored in the luggage compartment.

When is Child Fare applicable?
Up to two children under the age of 5 may travel free of charge, providing they are accompanied by an adult. Any additional children under 5 and children aged 5-15 may travel at the reduced child fare rate.

Children aged 16-18 (16-19 in Worcestershire County), who are in full time education may travel at the reduced child fare rate, providing they are in FULL TIME EDUCATION ONLY.
Any student boarding Diamond services who is believed to be aged 16 or over will be required to show student identification to prove they are in full time education.
If a Student is not able to provide this upon request from the driver an Adult fare will be charged for the journey. Acceptable form of Student ID is a nNetwork 16-18 Photo ID Card in West Midlands only. In Worcestershire a Student ID Card or official letter of attendance from the school or college is acceptable.

How do I make a complaint?
Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible on Diamond Bus, but if you have experienced any problems let us know and we will try to make it better. Please visit our Customer Services page to find our about our complaints procedure.