Changes to Termlink from January 2018


We are making some changes to Termlink for next term, please take some time to read how these changes will affect you...

Termlink has become an M-ticket
Following the launch of our brand new website your Termlink pass will become an M-ticket which you can send to your smart phone.
Now there is no more waiting for your pass to arrive in post during the Christmas holiday.
Simply create an account on the new site, upload your photo, buy your Termlink pass and send it to your phone ready to activate at the start of term.

Termlink Photocard Bus Passes
We understand that some children may not be able to travel to school with a smart phone, therefore we will still issue a Termlink travel card bus pass if you request one. When you have completed your online order, please email us at with your order number, postal address and your existing photocard ID number. You do not need to activate the M-ticket if you wish request a travel card, we will transfer this for you.

These Termlink Passes will be available for the Spring Term:

West Midlands Termlink Child

£78 per term

West Midlands 16-18
£78 per term

West Midlands Termlink Student
£135 per term

Diamond Network Termlink Student
£240 per term

Unfortunately, the following Termlink Passes have been withdrawn from sale and will no longer be available to the general public:

Redditch Termlink Child

Redditch Termlink 16-18
Kidderminster Termlink Child
Kidderminster Termlink 16-18

Child Month tickets are available for Kidderminster and Redditch Zones and can be purchased via our new website as an M-ticket or at local PayPoint shops.

For more information about alternative tickets available on the Diamond Bus Network, click here.

Full details of our Termlink passes and terms and conditions can be found here.

Spring Termlink passes will be valid from 1st January until 15th April 2018 and will be available to purchase on-line from Monday 4th December.

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