Diamond Bus helps local school learn about the benefits of Public Transport.

Pupils from Holyoakes Field First School take their special Diamond Bus trip

Last week, Diamond Bus had the pleasure of helping the pupils of Holyoakes Field First School in Redditch with their project to learn more about using public transport.

In a special outing organised especially for the school, Diamond staff took reception class children on bus journeys from the school, through Batchley and the bus station on one of their modern low floor Streetlite buses.

The children were able to ask lots of questions during their journey about Diamond and the benefits of using the bus. During the trips youngsters also learnt how to ask the bus driver a for a ticket and pay their fare. Each Child paid a small fare of 50p when boarding the bus. Diamond has donated the money raised from these special trips to the local charity, Primrose Hospice.

Reception teachers, Jackie Porter and Kirsty Willis of Holyoakes Field School Said: “The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are really grateful to Diamond for everything they did for the school by organising these trips. Our Head Teacher thinks it is wonderful.”

Chris Bridges, Diamond Redditch Operations Manager said “We were delighted to be able to help Holyoakes school. Our Driver and Customer Service Advisor who arranged the trips loved meeting the children and answering all of their questions. In addition to assisting the school with their project we were keen to support our local charity Primrose Hospice, by donating the funds raised on the trips to them.”

If any other school in Redditch would like to arrange a similar project with us, please contact comments@diamondbuses.com

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