30 Outbound
Solihull to Acocks Green
via Olton

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Service No303030303030303030303030303030
POPLAR RD, Solihull Town Centre 07400812084809200950102010501120115012201250132013501420
BLOSSOMFIELD RD, Solihull Swimming Baths 07430815085109230953102310531123115312231253132313531423
PROSPECT LANE, Sharmans Cross Rd/Danford Lane072507510823085909301000103011001130120012301300133014001430
STATION APPROACH, Olton Station Interchange073007590833090709371007103711071137120712371307133714071437
PIERCE AVENUE, Lincoln Road North073308040838091009401010104011101140121012401310134014101440
Acocks Green, Shirley Road073808100843091509451015104511151145121512451315134514151445
Service No30303030303030
POPLAR RD, Solihull Town Centre1450152015521627170217371815
BLOSSOMFIELD RD, Solihull Swimming Baths1453152515571632170717421818
PROSPECT LANE, Sharmans Cross Rd/Danford Lane1500153316051640171517501828
STATION APPROACH, Olton Station Interchange1507154016121647172217571834
PIERCE AVENUE, Lincoln Road North1510154316151650172518001837
Acocks Green, Shirley Road1515154916211657173218071842

30 Solihull Gateway Development Diversion - Stage 4 Changes 16th August - 14th November
From 16 August Phase 4 of the Solihull Gateway development will commence. Bus stops SD & SE currently located on Station Rd will be moving to a new location on Poplar Rd.

As work progresses some bus stop locations may change further. Notices will be placed at bus stops to inform you of the new location, however the bus stop codes will remain the same and services will continue to stop at the same bus stop code throughout the works.

Services will continue to be diverted to allow for a temporary one-way system.

Route changes from Solihull:
Poplar Rd Stand SD*then left Warwick Road, Lode Lane, Blossomfield Road then Normal Line of Route to Acocks Green

Route changes from Acocks Green:
Normal Line of Route until Blossomfield Road, then Station Approach Stand B, then exit via Station Approach, Right into Streetsbrook Road, Station Road, Poplar Rd Stand SD.

Please note congestion in the town may cause delays to this service, please allow extra time for your journey when possible.