30 Outbound
Solihull to Acocks Green
via Olton

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Timetable valid until Saturday 26th April 2014

Solihull Rail Station071507450815084509150945101510451115114512151245131513451415
STATION RD, Solihull Town Centre071807480818084809180948101810481118114812181248131813481418
PROSPECT LANE, Sharmans Cross Rd/Danford Lane072707580828085809250955102510551125115512251255132513551425
STATION APPROACH, Olton Station Interchange073208040834090409321002103211021132120212321302133214021432
Acocks Green, Shirley Road074008130843091309401010104011101140121012401310134014101440
Solihull Rail Station144515151545161516451715174518151845
STATION RD, Solihull Town Centre144815181548161816481718174818181848
PROSPECT LANE, Sharmans Cross Rd/Danford Lane145515251555162816581728175818281858
STATION APPROACH, Olton Station Interchange150215321602163417041734180418341904
Acocks Green, Shirley Road151015401610164317131743181318431913

30 Lincoln Road North Roadworks 14th April - 30th May
Temporary 3-way traffic lights will be in operation at The Avenue/Lincoln Road North junction from 14/04/2014 until 30/05/2014 due to road works.

The traffic lights will be in operation from 19:00hrs each evening and may cause some delays to the 18:45 journey from Solihull to Acocks Green.