41 Outbound
Friar Park to West Bromwich
via Stone Cross

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Service No414141414141414141414141414141
Friar Park, Bus Lay-by065007200750082008500920095010201050112011501220125013201350
Stone Cross065707270757082708570927095710271057112711571227125713271357
Hall End, Vicarage Road070407340804083409040934100410341104113412041234130413341404
West Bromwich Bus Station071407440814084409140944101410441114114412141244131413441414
Service No4141414141414141
Friar Park, Bus Lay-by14201450152015501620165017201750
Stone Cross14271457152715571627165717271757
Hall End, Vicarage Road14341504153416041634170417341804
West Bromwich Bus Station14441514154416141644171417441814

41 VICARAGE ROAD, WEST BROMWICH 17th July - 7th August
17th JULY - 7th AUGUST 2017

In order to facilitate gas works, Vicarage Road, West Bromwich between Arlington Road (including the junction itself) and Heath Lane will be closed from 17th July until 7th August 2017

During this time the 41 service will be diverted as follows:

Buses towards West Bromwich:
Normal line of route then Heath Lane, Walsall Road, Lyndhurst Road, Hollyhedge Road, All Saints Way, Wilford Road, Lily Street then normal line of route to West Bromwich.

Buses towards Friar Park
Normal line of route then Wilford Road, All Saints Way, Heath Lane then normal line of route to Friar Park.

41 Carrington Road, Wednesbury Road Closure 23rd July - 26th July
From 23rd July until 27th July 2017, Carrington Road, Wednesbury will be closed for roadworks.

During this time the 41 service will be diverted as follows:

41 service towards Friar Park: Normal line of route until Friar Park Road, continue along Friar Park Road, then left into Manor Road, right into Freeman Road and back onto normal line of route

41 service towards West Bromwich: In reverse of above.

Passengers are advised to board and alight at bus stop in Freeman Road, St Francis Church and opposite.