50 Outbound
Birmingham to Maypole
via Moseley

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Service No5050  50
Maypole, Island06010611andat1931
Kings Heath, Vicarage Road06100620freq-uent1940
Moseley Village06170627inte-rvals1947
Highgate, Fire Station06240634until 1954
Birmingham, Moor Street Queensway06330643  2003

50 50 SERVICE BUS STOP CHANGES 1st October - 1st October
From Sunday 1st October 2017, some bus stops will be removed from the 50 Birmingham to Maypole route.

The below bus stops will be removed or signposted as ’Not In Use’ from this date.

Drivers will not be permitted to stop at the withdrawn stops and Passengers are advised to board or alight at the next available bus stop on the route.

50 from Birmingham:
Birchill Street
Moseley Street
Athole Street
Louise Lorne Road
Moor Green Lane
Warstock Road

50 from Maypole:
Maypole opp. Amwell Grove
War stock Road
Button Road
Moor Green Lane
Woodbridge Road
Louise Lorne Road
Leopold Street
Moseley Street
Birchill Street