54 Outbound
West Bromwich to Quinton
via Smethwick & Brandhall

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Service No545454545454545454545454545454
West Bromwich, Bus Station073508050835090509351005103511051135120512351305133514051435
Europa Village074408140844091409441014104411141144121412441314134414141444
Smethwick, High Street075208220852092209521022105211221152122212521322135214221452
Windmill Lane, Gaumont080008300900093010001030110011301200123013001330140014301500
Warley, George081508450915094510151045111511451215124513151345141514451515
Brandhall Interchange082208520922095210221052112211521222125213221352142214521522
Worlds End, Faraday Avenue083109010931100110311101113112011231130113311401143115011531
Service No545454545454
West Bromwich, Bus Station150515351605163517051735
Europa Village151415441614164417141744
Smethwick, High Street152215521622165217221752
Windmill Lane, Gaumont153016001630170017301800
Warley, George154516151645171517451815
Brandhall Interchange155216221652172217521822
Worlds End, Faraday Avenue160116311701173118011831

54 Bull Street / West Bromwich Ringway Closure 23rd September - 6th October
From 23rd September until 6th October 2017, Bull Street / West Bromwich Ringway between High Street & Spon Lane will be closed due to roadworks.

During this time the following services will be diverted: 16W, 54, 54A and 66.

16W and 66 From West Bromwich Bus Station:
Will divert via St Michael Street, New Street, Cronehills Linkway, Congregation Way, then left onto Reform Street then rejoin normal line of route.

54 and 54A From West Bromwich Bus Station:
Will divert via St Michael Street, W Bromwich Ringway, then right onto Spon Lane, Left onto Kelvin Way, then left onto Trinity Way, right onto High Street, then Normal line of route towards Europa Village.

The High Street/Dartmouth Square bus stops will NOT be served. Passengers should board or alight at West Bromwich Bus Station

Towards West Bromwich:
Services will operate in reverse of above.