68A/C Circular Perry Barr to Aston
via Witton

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Service No68A68C68A68C68A68C68A68C68A68C68A68C68A68C68A
Perry Barr/One Stop073208020832090209321002103211021132120212321302133214021432
Witton Square073808080838090809381008103811081138120812381308133814081438
Aston Six Ways0744 0844 0944 1044 1144 1244 1344 1444
Aston Six Ways 0816 0916 1016 1116 1216 1316 1416 
Witton Square075208220852092209521022105211221152122212521322135214221452
Perry Barr/One Stop075808280858092809581028105811281158122812581328135814281458
Service No68C68A68C68A68C68A68C68A68C
Perry Barr/One Stop150215321607163717121742181218421912
Witton Square150915391614164417191748181818481918
Aston Six Ways 1545 1650 1754 1854 
Aston Six Ways1518 1623 1728 1826 1926
Witton Square152415541629165917341802183219021932
Perry Barr/One Stop153016001635170517401808183819081938

68A/C Vicarage Rd / Victoria Rd, Aston Road Closure 10th July - 11th August
Between 10 July and 11 August 2017 Vicarage Rd will be closed with the junction at Victoria Rd, Aston.

During this time the 68A/C service will be diverted as follows:
Normal line of route until Victoria Rd, then Park Rd North, Sycamore Rd, returning to normal line of route at Church Lane and vice versa.

During this time stops along Victoria Rd and Church Rd (infront of YMCA) will not be able to be served.