229 Outbound
Bilston to Dudley
via Coseley & Sedgley

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Timetable valid until Saturday 2nd September 2017

Service No229229229229229229229229229229229229229229229
Bilston Bus Station064507300800081508350850090509351005103511051135120512351305
Coseley, Coseley Station065407440814082908490904091909491019104911191149121912491319
Hurst Hill, Childs Avenue065807500820083508550910092509551025105511251155122512551325
Sedgley, Market Hall070107550825084009000915093010001030110011301200123013001330
Tipton, Wood Street07140811084108560916 094610161046111611461216124613161346
Dudley Bus Station07240825085509100930 095610261056112611561226125613261356
Service No229229229229229229229229229229229229229229229
Bilston Bus Station133514051435150515351605163517051735180518481948204821482248
Coseley, Coseley Station134914191449151915491619164917191749181918591959205921592259
Hurst Hill, Childs Avenue135514251455152515551625165517251755182519042004210422042304
Sedgley, Market Hall140014301500153016001630170017301800183019082008210822082308
Tipton, Wood Street141614461516154616161646171617461813184019182018211822182318
Dudley Bus Station142614561526155616261656172617561822184919272027212722272327

229 Havacre Lane, Coseley Road Closure 24th July - 20th August
Havacre Lane, Coseley, will be closed from 24th July until 20th August 2017 due to roadworks. During this time the 229 service will be diverted as follows:

Towards Dudley: Normal line of route until Castle Street, then Tunnel St, turn left into Ivyhouse Lane and right onto Birmingham New Road, then left onto A463 Shaw Road and continue on normal line of route.

Towards Bilston: Reverse of the above.

Please Note: Havacre Lane, Biddings Lane and part of Shaw Lane will not be served during this time.