257 Outbound
Dudley to Stourbridge
via Kingswinford

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Service No257257257257257257
Dudley, Bus Station184519452045214522452335
Eve Hill, Grange Road184919492049214922492339
Milking Bank, Stratford Close185119512051215122512341
Stickley, Park Road185919592059215922592349
Gornal Wood, Bus Station190520052105220523052355
Wall Heath, New Street19122012211222122312 
Kingswinford, Kingswinford Cross19142014211422142314 
Wordsley, Blanford Drive19182018211822182318 
Amblecote, Collis Street19232023212322232323 
Stourbridge, Bus Station19272027212722272327 

257 STOURBRIDGE BUS STATION STAND CHANGES 19th November - 19th November
From Sunday 19th November 2017 The following stand changes will take place in Stourbridge Bus Station:

Service Destination Current Stand New Stand from 19th
267 Wall Heath B C
257 Dudley B C
657 Kingswinford B C
142 Halesowen C B
227 Kinver C B
228 Kinver C B
287 Merry Hill C B
298 Pedmore C B
299 Pedmore C B