X30 Circular Ansty Park to Coventry City Centre
via Walsgrave Road & Coventry Rail Station

You are now viewing Service X30 (circular)

Ansty Park  0700073008000830090009301000103011001130120012301300
Dorchester Way       0935 1035 1135 1235 
Coventry Rail Station062006500720075008200850092009551020105511201155122012551320
Earl Street, Coventry Central062506550725075508250855092510001025110011251200122513001325
Fairfax Street062706570727075708270857092710021027110211271202122713021327
Dorchester Way       1022 1122 1222 1322 
Ansty Park064507150745081508450915094510271045112711451227124513271345
Ansty Park133014001430150015301600163017001730180018301900
Dorchester Way1335 1435 1535       
Coventry Rail Station135514201455152015551620165017201750182018501920
Earl Street, Coventry Central140014251500152516001625165517251755182518551925
Fairfax Street140214271502152716021627165717271757182718571927
Dorchester Way1422 1522 1622       
Ansty Park14271445152715451627164517151745181518451915 

X30 Friargate Developement 22nd March - 22nd April
Work starts on the Friargate Developement next week in Coventry City Centre, which means the route of the X30 & X31 services will be changing slightly.

Services will leave Coventry Rail Station via Park Road so stops along Warwick Road and New Union Street will no longer be served.