X30 Circular Ansty Park to Coventry City Centre
via Walsgrave Road & Coventry Rail Station

You are now viewing Service X30 (circular)

Ansty Park  0700073008000830090009301000103011001130120012301300
Dorchester Way       0935 1035 1135 1235 
Coventry Rail Station062006500720075008200850092009551020105511201155122012551320
Earl Street, Coventry Central062506550725075508250855092510001025110011251200122513001325
Fairfax Street062706570727075708270857092710021027110211271202122713021327
Dorchester Way       1022 1122 1222 1322 
Ansty Park064507150745081508450915094510271045112711451227124513271345
Ansty Park133014001430150015301600163017001730180018301900
Dorchester Way1335 1435 1535       
Coventry Rail Station135514201455152015551620165017201750182018501920
Earl Street, Coventry Central140014251500152516001625165517251755182518551925
Fairfax Street140214271502152716021627165717271757182718571927
Dorchester Way1422 1522 1622       
Ansty Park14271445152715451627164517151745181518451915 

X30 Friargate Developement 29th June - 29th July
The X30 and X31 will be returning to its former route from Monday 29 June 2015.

The bus will again serve the Rail Station, then Warwick Rd and New Union Street from this date.