247 Outbound
Redditch to Evesham *NEW TIMETABLE FROM 9 NOV 2015*
via Crabbs Cross, Studley & Alcester

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Service No247247247247247247247247247247247247247
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Redditch Bus Station0710071007550810094010401140124014101410151015251740
Crabbs Cross, Fleece Inn0718071808030818094810481148124814181418151815331748
Alexandra Hospital Grounds0723072308080823095310531153125314231423152315381753
Studley, Alcester Road0729072908140829095910591159125914291429152915441759
Alcester Grammar School  0825          
St Benedicts RC School  0830       1545  
Alcester Grammar School          1552  
Alcester Police Station07400740 0840101011101210131014401440155515551810
Wixford, Fish Inn0747074708470847101711171217131714471447160216021817
Bidford Church0753075308530853102311231223132314531453160816081823
Cleeve Prior, Kings Arms0759075908590859102911291229132914591459161416141829
Blackminster School 0803       1520   
Badsey School         1528   
Badsey Pike0810081009100910104011401240134015101530162516251840
Four Pools, Morrisons0815081509150915104511451245134515151535163016301845
Evesham Bus Station0830 0927092710571157125713571527 164216421857
Evesham Railway Station 0830       1547   
Prince Henry's High School 0835       1550   

247 Bidford Bridge reopens 9th November - until further notice
Please Note Bidford Bridge will reopen to bus services from Monday 9th November. A new timetable will be in effect from this date