247 Outbound
Redditch to Evesham
via Crabbs Cross, Studley & Alcester

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Redditch Bus Station
 SchNSchSchNSch    NSchSchSchNSch 
Crabbs Cross, Fleece Inn0701070108030818102811431233130814181418151815331748
Alexandra Hosp., Grounds0704070408080823103311481238131314231423152315381753
Studley, Alcester Road0712071208140829103911541244131914291429152915441759
Alcester, Grammar School  0825          
St Benedict's RC School  0830          
Alcester Grammar School          1552  
Alcester Police Stn07230723 0840105012051255133014401440155515551810
Wixford, Fish Inn07300730084708471057 1302 14471447160216021817
Bidford, Church07360736085308531103 1308 14531453160816081823
Cleeve Prior, Kings Arms07590759091609161126 1331 15161516163116311846
Blackminster School0803        1525   
Badsey School         1533   
Badsey Pike08100810092709271137 1342 15271535164216421857
Four Pools, Morrison's08150815093209321142 1347 15321540164716471902
EVESHAM Bus Station 0830094409441154 1359 1544 165916591914
Evesham Railway Station0830        1552   
Prince Henry's High School0835        1555   
SchSchooldays Only
NSchSchool Holidays

247 Bidford Bridge Closure 9th June - 9th August
Due to a heavy duty farm vehicle hitting the Bidford Bridge. The Bridge will be closed for repair work until further notice.

During the diversion period a special timetable will be in place for the 247 service. Please download the revised pdf for details.

Please note some changes during the Diversion period:
Some buses will run EARLIER than normal timetable
Pershore College will no longer be served
All journeys into Evesham will go via Workmans Bridge and all journeys will leave via the Hospital.

The 247 will be diverted during this time as follows:
From Alcester to Cleeve Prior; will operate normal line of route from Alcester to Bidford. Will then divert via Welford-on-Avon and Barton Rd, Welford Rd and will resume normal line of route at the Cross Roads before Cleeve Prior. (Cleeve Prior Stop will continue to be served).

Service will operate in reverse of above on return journey.

We do not currently have a date when this closure will be lifted. Please check for details before traveling.