X3 Outbound
Redditch to Bromsgrove, Kidderminster & Areley Kings
via Kidderminster General Hospital, Birchen Coppice & Stourport

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Service No3333333333X33333
Redditch Bus Station          0728    
Bromsgrove Rd, Woodland Rd          0731    
Bromsgrove Bus Station          0748    
Bromsgrove Bus Station          0752    
Park Gate Inn          0757    
Chaddesley Corbett          0803    
Stone Bank, Butts Lane          0808    
Railway Stations          0811    
Kidderminster, Town Hall          0817    
Kidderminster, Town Hall060006150630065007000710073007450755080508200838084808580908
Swan Centre          0823    
General Hospital          0830    
Foley Park060406190634065407040714073407510801081108340844085409040914
Birchen Coppice060806230638065807080718073807550805081608390849085909090919
Stourport, High Street061606310646070607160726074608030813082608490859090909190929
The Walshes, Princess Way062106360651071107210731075108080818083208550905091509250935
Areley Kings Post Office062206370652071207220732075208090819083308560906091609260936
Service NoX33333X33333X33333
Redditch Bus Station0838    0928    1028    
Bromsgrove Rd, Woodland Rd0841    0931    1031    
Bromsgrove Bus Station0857    0948    1048    
Bromsgrove Bus Station0901    0952    1052    
Park Gate Inn0906    0957    1057    
Chaddesley Corbett0912    1003    1103    
Stone Bank, Butts Lane0917    1008    1108    
Railway Stations0920    1011    1111    
Kidderminster, Town Hall0926    1017    1117    
Kidderminster, Town Hall092909420952100310131020104010501100111011201140115012001210
Swan Centre0931    1023    1123    
General Hospital0937    1030    1130    
Foley Park094109460956100710171034104410541104111411341144115412041214
Birchen Coppice094609501000101110211038104810581108111811381148115812081218
Stourport, High Street095609581008101910291046105611061116112611461156120612161226
The Walshes, Princess Way100210031013102410341051110111111121113111511201121112211231
Areley Kings Post Office100310041014102510351052110211121122113211521202121212221232
Service NoX33333X33333X33333
Redditch Bus Station1128    1228    1328    
Bromsgrove Rd, Woodland Rd1131    1231    1331    
Bromsgrove Bus Station1148    1248    1348    
Bromsgrove Bus Station1152    1252    1352    
Park Gate Inn1157    1257    1357    
Chaddesley Corbett1203    1303    1403    
Stone Bank, Butts Lane1208    1308    1408    
Railway Stations1211    1311    1411    
Kidderminster, Town Hall1217    1317    1417    
Kidderminster, Town Hall122012401250130013101320134013501400141014201440145015001510
Swan Centre1223    1323    1423    
General Hospital1230    1330    1430    
Foley Park123412441254130413141334134413541404141414341444145615061516
Birchen Coppice123812481258130813181338134813581408141814381448150115111521
Stourport, High Street124612561306131613261346135614061416142614461456151115211531
The Walshes, Princess Way125113011311132113311351140114111421143114511501151715271537
Areley Kings Post Office125213021312132213321352140214121422143214521502151815281538
Service NoX33333X3333X3333X33
Redditch Bus Station1428    1531   1628   1728 
Bromsgrove Rd, Woodland Rd1431    1534   1631   1731 
Bromsgrove Bus Station1448    1551   1648   1748 
Bromsgrove Bus Station1452    1555   1652   1752 
Park Gate Inn1457    1600   1657   1757 
Chaddesley Corbett1503    1606   1703   1803 
Stone Bank, Butts Lane1508    1611   1708   1808 
Railway Stations1511    1614   1711   1811 
Kidderminster, Town Hall1517    1620   1717   1817 
Kidderminster, Town Hall152015401555160516151623164517001710172017401750180518201835
Swan Centre1523    1626   1723   1823 
General Hospital1530    1633   1730   1830 
Foley Park153415461601161116211637165117061716173617461756181118361839
Birchen Coppice153915511606161616261642165617111721174117511801181618401843
Stourport, High Street154916011616162616361652170617211731175118011811182618481851
The Walshes, Princess Way155516071622163216421658171217271737175718071817183218531856
Areley Kings Post Office155616081623163316431659171317281738175818081818183318541857
Service No33X333
Redditch Bus Station  1833  
Bromsgrove Rd, Woodland Rd  1836  
Bromsgrove Bus Station  1853  
Bromsgrove Bus Station  1857  
Park Gate Inn  1902  
Chaddesley Corbett  1908  
Stone Bank, Butts Lane  1913  
Railway Stations  1916  
Kidderminster, Town Hall  1922  
Kidderminster, Town Hall18451905192519452005
Foley Park18491909192919492009
Birchen Coppice18531913193319532013
Stourport, High Street19011921194120012021
The Walshes, Princess Way19061926194620062026
Areley Kings Post Office19071927194720072027

Exchange Street and Oxford Street will be closed from 6th January 2016 for Public Realm Works.

During this time ALL services will depart from Kidderminster Bus Station.

Services that normally serve the Bus station will continue to use their normal stops.
In addition the following services will depart from:

3/X3 to Stourport - Stand 3
X3 to Redditch - Stand 6
4A - Stand 9
1 - Stand 7

Please note these works may be completed prior to 29th April, please check for details prior to traveling.

X3 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove Road Closure 4th February - 15th February
Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove will be closed from Thursday 4th to Monday 15th February 2016.

During this time the 202/202S service will divert as follows:

From Bromsgrove (Bus Station) as normal to Market Street Traffic lights then divert via The Strand, Stratford Road, Bromsgrove Eastern by-pass to rejoin route at traffic lights with junction of Birmingham Road.

From Lickey End as normal to traffic lights at junction with Birmingham Road then divert via Bromsgrove Eastern By-pass, Stratford Road and The Strand to rejoin normal route at Market Street Traffic Lights.

Please note that additional services in the Bromsgrove area may also experience delays due to traffic congestion during this time.

X3 Stourport Rd, Kidderminster 4th February - 12th February
Temporary Traffic lights positioned on Stourport Rd, Kidderminster until 12th February are currently causing delays of approximately 20-30minutes on services 3, X3 and 1 due to traffic congestion.