294 Outbound
Kidderminster to Worcester
via Burlish, Stourport, The Walshes & Hallow

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Service No294295295295295294
KIDDERMINSTER B Stn070509301140135015351630
Railway Stations 0932114213521537 
Chester Rd Sth, Barnetts Ln 0935114513551540 
Wilden, Bigbury Lane 0941115114011546 
Foley Park0710    1635
Burlish Park, Cross Roads0719    1643
Lickhill0722    1645
The Walshes, Princess Way073509521202141215571655
Astley, Ridleys Cross073909561206141616011659
Shrawley, Rose and Crown074410011211142116061704
Holt Heath, Red Lion075010071217142716121710
Hallow, Royal Oak075810141224143416191718
Henwick, Post Office080210181228143816231722
WORCESTER Bus Stn081710281238144816331732

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