7 Circular Kidderminster to Sion Hill
via Greenhill

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Service No77777777777
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Kidderminster Bus Station0824 100411041204130414041504160417041804
Swan Centre0827 100711071207130714071507160717071807
Hurcott Road0829 100911091209130914091509160917091809
Land Oak, Birmingham Road0832 101211121212131214121512161217121812
Greenhill, Baldwin Road0835 101511151215131514151515161517151815
Sion Hill, Upton Road08410841102111211221132114211521162117211821
Land Oak, Birmingham Road08470847102711271227132714271527162717271827
Greenhill, Baldwin Road08490849102911291229132914291529162917291829
Hurcott Road08510851103111311231133114311531163117311831
Swan Centre08530853103311331233133314331533163317331833
Kidderminster Bus Station08560856103611361236133614361536163617361836
NSchSchool Holidays
SchSchooldays Only

7 New Rd, Kidderminster Diversion 13th November - 17th November
Monday 13th to Friday 17th November 2017

New Road, Kidderminster (between Market Street and Corporation Street), will be closed to southbound traffic. During this time, the below services will be diverted as follows:

Services 1, 2, 2L, 2S, 4A, 7 and 580: From Prospect Hill via Oxford Street, The Ringway Roundabout, Green Street, Dixon Street and New Road to re-join normal route on Corporation Street.