Coronavirus Policy

At Rotala Plc and all our subsidiary Companies, the foremost priority throughout the Coronavirus pandemic is the safety of our passengers, staff and of the business. As the government makes changes to controls required to manage the virus in the UK, we have assessed our needs and continue with some great practices.


For our passengers

  • We will continue increased communication via social media.
  • In addition to well-established cleaning regimes, we will continue with the more intensive cleaning regimes in respect of hand poles and grab rails on vehicles to protect both passengers and staff.
  • We will continue to encourage saloon windows to be open to increase ventilation within our vehicles.


We continue to support our drivers and staff by

  • Providing hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment to our staff for cab cleanliness during their working day.
  • We will keep posters onboard asking passengers to respect our drivers and the work they are doing, that we will not tolerate verbal/ physical abuse and we will seek to prosecute any persons who threaten the wellbeing of our drivers.
  • Continue deeper cleaning regimes of our vehicles and continue to encourage windows inside of the cab and saloon to be kept open where possible.


Our Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and Managing Directors are diligently reviewing every aspect of the business from tendered service and contractual obligations to financial measures and accessing any business solution HM Government have put forward to assist UK businesses at this time.

We are reviewing Public Health advice regularly whilst the virus continues and will keep all informed of any future changes that may occur.

For more information about our current travel guidelines, please visit some of our information pages below:

This page was last updated on 13 June 2022.