301 and 302 Service Changes

Changes to services 301 and 302

23 August 2018

West Midlands

From Sunday 2nd September there will be some changes to the 301 and 302 services from Walsall to Mossley and Lower Farm, when they become the 31 & 32...

Diamond Bus are working in partnership with Transport for West Midlands and National Express, to provide a new joint timetable on the 31 & 32.

Both Diamond and National Express will be operating jointly on these routes, with the newly branded “West Midlands Bus” livery on both operators vehicles. There will be buses up to every 3 minutes between Walsall and Bloxwich during Monday to Saturday daytimes, and we will also be extending our services to 7 days a week and late evenings on both services. 

The new timetable will see a change in frequency at different times of the day for each operator, therefore you may find purchasing a different type of ticket offers better value so you can use any bus along the route. 

In a brand new move, Diamond and National Express will accept selected tickets on each others 31 & 32 services, so you can simply catch the first bus that comes along!

Both operators will accept each others day return tickets on any 31 or 32 service.

National Express daysavers & travelcards will be valid and sold on any 31 & 32 bus, including those run by Diamond.

National Express will also sell Diamond Value Day & Week tickets which will be valid on all 31 & 32 services and other Diamond Value routes.

Other ticketing options are also available, such as multi-operator nBus and multi-modal nNetwork tickets, giving you even more flexibility to travel across the public transport network.


What you need to know:

Timetable Changes:

Please click here to view the new timetable.

Service information on the Diamond Bus Website and App:
A combined timetable will appear on the service page of the new 31 / 32 indicating which operator provides the service at the top of each journey column. Please note that currently only services operated by Diamond will appear on our bus tracker and RTI feeds. National Express services will show as scheduled services.

Timetables and service information is also available at nxbus.co.uk and networkwestmidlands.com

What ticket is right for me?

Check out our guide to what tickets may be better for your journey plans:

Just travelling on the 31 & 32?
Both operators will accept each others £2.50 Adult and £1.25 Child day return ticket on the 31 and 32 service. The best value day ticket on these services will be the Diamond Value Adult Day priced at £2.80. For child passengers, the Diamond Value Day ticket and NX Walsall Daysaver are both priced at £1.50 and are available and valid on any 31 or 32 bus.

Travelling on other Diamond Value services too?
Diamond Value Day & Week tickets will be available to purchase and use on both Diamond and National Express 31 & 32 services. This offers the lowest price tickets on these routes with day tickets from just £2.80 Adult & £1.50 Child.

Please Note Diamond Value Month tickets will not be available or valid on National Express 31 & 32 services. Diamond Value Day & Week tickets are not valid on other National Express services.

Find out which services Diamond Value tickets are valid on here.

Travelling on other Diamond services in the West Midlands?
Diamond West Midlands tickets and passes are available and valid, they are accepted on all Diamond 31 & 32 services and other Diamond services across our West Midlands network. However, these tickets are not valid on National Express 31 or 32. Please check that Diamond services along these routes meet your journey needs before purchasing a Diamond West Midlands ticket.

All buses on this route will be painted in the same red “West Midlands Bus” Livery, so if you wish to use only Diamond 31 or 32 services, just look for the Diamond logo on the front or above the entrance door of the bus.

Travelling on other National Express services?
If your travel plans also include using other National Express services, all National Express daysavers and travelcards (including smartcards & M-tickets) are valid on Diamond 31 & 32 services.

Selected National Express tickets will also be available to buy on Diamond 31 & 32, so now you dont have to wait for an NX bus even if you wish to buy an NX ticket!
See which NX Bus tickets we will sell here.

Please note National Express tickets and passes are not available or valid on any other Diamond services.

Need a Multi-Operator ticket?
nBus, nNetwork and Swift cards are accepted on all Diamond, National Express and other operators services and offer even more flexibility to travel across the public transport network 

Diamond Value Ticket QR codes do not scan on NX buses, therefore your ticket will have to be shown to the driver when boarding a National Express bus.

NX smart cards will scan on Diamond 31 & 32, providing they are loaded with a product which is valid on any 31 or 32 service.

Contactless Payment:
Contactless Payment is available on both operators along the route, however please be aware that National Express and Diamond operate different Contactless Payment policies.

On Diamond services when using Contactless to purchase day & week tickets you will be issued with a ticket that can be used across both operators 31 & 32 services (single tickets are only valid on a single journey and cannot be transferred).

If you use Contactless Payment on National Express you will not be issued a bus ticket and therefore can only use National Express services for the remainder of your travel.  

If you tap Contactless on both operators you will be charged twice.

Diamond Value Day & Week M-tickets are accepted on all 31 & 32 services, but do not scan on NX buses, therefore your M-ticket will have to be shown to the driver when boarding a National Express bus.

NX M-tickets are accepted on all 31 & 32 services, but do not scan on Diamond buses, therefore your M-ticket will have to be shown to the driver when boarding a Diamond bus.


Customer Services:
If you have a comment, query or complaint regarding the 42/43/43A service, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. It helps us direct your enquiry more efficiently if you can tell us some information about the service such as time, date, location and direction of travel. If you know the operator service you were travelling on at the time, you can contact that operator directly on:

National Express:
Email: buscustomerrelations@nationalexpress.com
Call: 07887 825 868 

Diamond Bus:
Email: comments@diamondbuses.com
Call: 0121 322 2222

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