DBNW Changes Jan 2019

Diamond North West Service Changes

18 January 2019

North West

From Sunday 27th January 2019 there will be changes to some Diamond North West services.

132 Wigan to Trafford Centre

The following journeys from Wigan are cancelled and re-timed to operate as follows:
05:36 (Monday – Friday) will commence at 06:04 from Atherton, Mealhouse Lane.
06:36 (Monday – Saturday) will commence at 06:50 from Hindley, Council Offices 
07:36 (Saturday) will commence at 08:11 from Atherton, Mealhouse Lane.

516 Leigh to Horwich

17:40 hour journey from Leigh (Monday – Saturday) is retimed to depart at 17:25 hours

517 Leigh to Middlebrook

The following journeys are withdrawn:
16:55    Leigh – Middlebrook (Monday – Saturday)
17:45    Middlebrook – Leigh (Monday – Friday)
17:34    Middlebrook – Leigh (Saturday)
07:55    Leigh – Middlebrook curtailed to commence from Atherton at 08:04

575 Bolton to Horwich

The following journeys from Bolton are withdrawn:
07:00 (Monday – Friday)
06:24 and 06:54 (Saturday)

635 Wigan to Shevington

The frequency will be reduced to every 15 minutes (Monday – Friday) and 20 minutes (Saturday).
The first journey on Saturday from Wigan will be 08:05.

654 Walkden to Leigh

07:23 (Monday – Friday) journey from Walkden withdrawn.
To assist Bedford and St Mary’s children in Tyldesley, the first two 694 journeys are re-timed to depart at 07:11 from Tyldesley and 07:37 from Leigh.

658 Wigan to Leigh Renumbered to service 9 to match Stagecoach daytime service.
683 Leigh to Shakerley

Frequency reduced to operate every 40 minutes. Generally, the timetable has been revised with a reduction in the number of journeys to / from Shakerley.

694 Bolton to Wigan

See service 654 above

715 Bolton to Wigan

Introduced 07:30 journey from Bolton – Wigan (Monday – Friday)
Following journeys withdrawn:
06:10 Westhoughton – Bolton (Monday – Friday)
06:47, 07:39, 08:38 Westhoughton – Bolton (Saturday)
08:10 Bolton – Westhoughton (Saturday)

 13  Wordley to Salford Quays New Service!

Introduction of a new service operating every 20 minutes Monday – Friday and every 30 minutes Saturdays.

 65 Eccles to Alder Forest 08:29 (Monday – Friday) journey Eccles – Salford Royal Hospital withdrawn.
 66 Eccles to Clifton Junction

17:28 (Monday – Friday) journey from Eccles amended to 17:06 with an additional journey at 18:00 hours from Eccles.

 79 Swinton to Stretford Re-routed between Trafford Bar and Stretford.

Route simplified at Pendleton to improve punctuality & reliability.

 84 Manchester to Chorlton New Service!
Monday – Saturday hourly daytime service which partially replaces service 278.
260 Sale to Partington

Additional Sunday daytime journeys introduced.

272 Eccles to Wythenshawe

New Service!
Hourly service to substantially replace services 278 Stretford – Wythenshawe and 293 Eccles – Trafford Park.  

278 Manchester to Reddish

In order to overcome some punctuality / reliability issues the route is broken up and will be provided by services:
84 Manchester – Hulme (extending to Chorlton)
79 Swinton – Stretford
272 Stretford – Wythenshawe (extending to Eccles)
179 Wythenshawe – Reddish

287 Altrincham to Bowdon Vale Extended circular route to serve Higher Bowden as a trial.
293 Eccles to Trafford Park

Replaced by new service 272 which provides all day link between Eccles and Trafford Park.


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