Withdrawal of PayPoint Tickets From 22nd November 2018

Diamond Bus tickets will no longer be available from PayPoint outlets from 22nd November 2018. Any tickets purchased at a PayPoint outlet before this date will be valid for travel until the printed expiry date.

  • Bus tickets are available to purchase on-bus using Cash, Contactless Payment Cards or Apple/Android Pay.
  • You can use your mobile phone as your bus pass, with M-tickets and passes available online and from our app.
  • Selected Diamond tickets and passes are also available on Swift Smartcard at

To find out more about what tickets and passes are available and how to buy, please visit other pages within this ticket section

PayPoint tickets currently available at:

Please note some products may be more expensive from PayPoint shops than purchasing from Diamond directly on-bus or online.

BP Viaduct 138 Worcester Road DY10 1JR
Esso Kidderminster Worcester Road DY10 1JS
Tesco Express 18-19 Comberton Hill DY10 1QG
Gupta Superstore 36 Comberton Hill DY10 1QN
SuperNews 14 King Charles Square DY10 2BA
Bijils News 106 Coventry Street DY10 2BH
Nisa Local 27-28 The Horsefair DY10 2EN
Horsefair Supermarket 19 Stourbridge Road DY10 2PN
Newsmarket 127 Hurcott Road DY10 2RG
Broadwaters Wine Cellar 3 Stourbridge Road DY10 2UJ
Baskerville Stores 12 Baskerville Road DY10 2YF
Fletcher at Select & Save 8 Burcher Green DY10 3AZ
Bells Supermarket 116 Tennyson Way DY10 3XT
The Co-op Franche Road DY11 5BE
Habberley SSTN Franche Road DY11 5BL
Spar Retail Unit 1 DY11 5DA
Costcutter 39 Willowfield Drive DY11 5HA
Binning Mini Mart 100-104 Audley Drive DY11 5NF
Costcutter 37 Sebright Road DY11 5UA
Bell Supermarket 96 Canterbury Road DY11 6DH
Costcutter 19-21 Lister Road DY11 6NN
Godson Food & Wine 2 Godson Crescent DY11 7JT
H & C Stores 3-5 Severn Grove DY11 7NT
Hartlebury Services A449 Crown Lane DY11 7XP
The Co-op 21 Kidderminster Road DY12 1AQ
MARTINS 7 Load Street DY12 2AF
Co-operative Food 50-51 Load Street DY12 2AP
R Daily Store 20-28 Queens Road DY13 0BH
Taylors Newsagents 43 Areley Common DY13 0NG
The Co-op Lombard Street DY13 8DP
Newtown General Store 9 Brindley Street DY13 8JA
lifestyle express 14 Calder Road DY13 8QD
Spar 91 Lower Lickhill Road DY13 8UQ
Nisa Local 2 Woodbury Road North DY13 8XL
Stourport SSTN Vale Road DY13 8YJ

For an up to date list of local PayPoint retailers in your area please visit