Please note some products may be more expensive from PayPoint shops than purchasing from Diamond directly on-bus or online.

BP Viaduct 138 Worcester Road DY10 1JR
Esso Kidderminster Worcester Road DY10 1JS
Tesco Express 18-19 Comberton Hill DY10 1QG
Gupta Superstore 36 Comberton Hill DY10 1QN
SuperNews 14 King Charles Square DY10 2BA
Bijils News 106 Coventry Street DY10 2BH
Nisa Local 27-28 The Horsefair DY10 2EN
Horsefair Supermarket 19 Stourbridge Road DY10 2PN
Newsmarket 127 Hurcott Road DY10 2RG
Broadwaters Wine Cellar 3 Stourbridge Road DY10 2UJ
Baskerville Stores 12 Baskerville Road DY10 2YF
Fletcher at Select & Save 8 Burcher Green DY10 3AZ
Bells Supermarket 116 Tennyson Way DY10 3XT
The Co-op Franche Road DY11 5BE
Habberley SSTN Franche Road DY11 5BL
Spar Retail Unit 1 DY11 5DA
Costcutter 39 Willowfield Drive DY11 5HA
Binning Mini Mart 100-104 Audley Drive DY11 5NF
Costcutter 37 Sebright Road DY11 5UA
Bell Supermarket 96 Canterbury Road DY11 6DH
Costcutter 19-21 Lister Road DY11 6NN
Godson Food & Wine 2 Godson Crescent DY11 7JT
H & C Stores 3-5 Severn Grove DY11 7NT
Hartlebury Services A449 Crown Lane DY11 7XP
The Co-op 21 Kidderminster Road DY12 1AQ
MARTINS 7 Load Street DY12 2AF
Co-operative Food 50-51 Load Street DY12 2AP
R Daily Store 20-28 Queens Road DY13 0BH
Taylors Newsagents 43 Areley Common DY13 0NG
The Co-op Lombard Street DY13 8DP
Newtown General Store 9 Brindley Street DY13 8JA
lifestyle express 14 Calder Road DY13 8QD
Spar 91 Lower Lickhill Road DY13 8UQ
Nisa Local 2 Woodbury Road North DY13 8XL
Stourport SSTN Vale Road DY13 8YJ

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