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West Midlands Termlink Products

Please Note: From 16 April 2023 West Midlands Termlink products will no longer be available. More information regarding student ticketing in the West Midlands region will be available shortly. In the meantime, please purchase from our West Midlands range of weekly or monthly tickets.


Diamond Network 'Zone A' Termlink

This product continues to be available. As long as you’re in full time education you can take advantage of our Diamond Network 'Zone A' Termlink pass.

Your Termlink pass will automatically be issued as an M-ticket which you can show to the driver on your smart phone. Now there is no more waiting for your bus pass to arrive in post and your pass will be safely stored on your mobile phone. Simply create an account on our website or download the Diamond App, upload your photo, buy your Termlink pass and it will be ready to activate at the start of term.

Term Passes are available to purchase here.

If you are new to M-tickets, check out our M-ticket guide here.

Pass Criteria: Diamond Network Student Termlink

Available to age 5 and over in full time education (min 12 hrs per week). Student Termlink pass holders are requested to carry proof of full time student ID when travelling with this pass, you may be asked to produce this by the driver or inspector to prove you are entitled to travel with this pass.

Valid on all* Diamond services within the following county boundaries; West Midlands County, Shropshire, Warwickshire & Worcestershire.

*Some service exceptions apply – Not valid on Kidderminster school services 828 & 829. Valid for cross boundary travel from Sutton Coldfield to Tamworth on service 76, 76A, 76B, not valid on any other Staffordshire services.

How to purchase a Termlink pass for your Child

  • Go to our Termlink Tickets page and select the pass you require.
  • You will be prompted to log-in or register an account with us. You can now 'gift' tickets to your children from your own Diamond Bus account, or you can set up a separate account for each child and purchase the tickets directly in their account.
  • For a guide to 'gifting' tickets to your children click here.
  • When registering an account for the child, please use their name and upload a photo of them as this will appear on their pass. Each child will require a separate account for their own pass.
  • Once your purchase is completed your pass will automatically be issued as an M-Ticket for your child to show the driver on their mobile phone.
  • Your child's M-Ticket will just need to be activated at the beginning of term and will then be valid for travel for the period purchased. If you attempt to activate your ticket before the start of term, you will receive a message indicating your pass is not available yet, it will automatically become valid from the start date.
  • We understand that some children may not be able to travel to school with a smart phone, therefore we can issue a travel card bus pass if you request one. If you would prefer to have a photocard style bus pass instead of an M-Ticket, please email comments@diamonbuses.com with your order confirmation, postal address and your existing photocard ID number (if you have one). We will arrange to send a bus pass out to you. Please do not activate the M-ticket if you wish to request a travel card, we will transfer this for you. Please note, this is only available for term tickets.

Replacing lost Termlink Passes

If you have a Termlink M-ticket and have lost your phone, you can transfer your pass to an alternative handset. Simply download the app on your replacement device and log into your account.

If you have lost your Termlink Pass and/or your Termlink Photocard, please call us on 0121 322 2222 or email comments@diamondbuses.com to arrange a replacement pass to be sent to you. A replacement fee of £10.00 will apply to all photocard and pass replacements.

Need more information?

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Contact us in the Midlands Region

General Terms and Conditions
By applying for this pass, the applicant / parent or guardian confirms that the pass holder meets the eligibility criteria listed above.

Once activated a Termlink pass is not transferable and can only be used by the holder shown on the front of the photocard or on the M-ticket.

Both parts of a Termlink Pass and Photocard must be shown to the driver at the time of boarding. Termlink travelcard passes are NOT valid without both parts of the pass.

Termlink pass holders must carry proof of Student ID with them when travelling. You may be asked to produce this by the driver or inspector to prove you are entitled to travel with this pass. If you are unable to prove you are entitled to Student or Child rate fares, you may be charged a full adult fare.

A Termlink pass may be refused / withdrawn by the driver or a company representative should it become defaced or used fraudulently.

A Termlink pass remains the property of the Diamond Bus Limited.

In using a Termlink pass for travel the bearer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Diamond Bus Limited.

Please check for any zone boundaries or service restrictions to the pass you have chosen prior to making your purchase.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure you have sufficient Internet Data and Phone Battery levels to ensure you can access your M-ticket at all times during your journey. If you are unable to produce a valid M-ticket during your journey you will be liable to pay the full fare for your journey.

Please note not all services operate seven days per week.