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Service Updates

146 Service Changes 10/06/2019 14:50:23

From 30th June 2019

There will be some timetable changes on the 146 service from From 30th June 2019.

To download the new timetable click here, and to find out more about why these changes are happening and how you can support the 146 service further, visit our news story here.

Affected Services: 146

Solihull Parkway Road Closure 22/05/2019 16:38:18

From 17th June for 4 Weeks

Solihull Parkway will be closed from Rolls Royce Roundabout to the next roundabout for 4 Weeks, from 17th June

During this closure Buses on the 75|75A service will continue into the Business Park as per normal then at Waterside, turn around and go back around Solihull Parkway in an anti-clockwise direction.

The bus stop on Solihull Parkway/Overflow Car Park will not be in use during this closure. Passengers should use the bus stop at Solihull Parkway/Fujitsu.

Affected Services: 75

Revised Tamworth Fares Changes 10/06/2019 09:51:28

From 7th June 2019

Following recent changes to the Single Fares on Tamworth service 15, 16 & 16A, Diamond Bus will now be revising these changes to re-instate staged single fares on these services, to benefit those taking short journies on these routes.

Click here to see the revised Singles that will now come into effect.

Affected Services: 15 16 16A

Waverley Road, Small Heath Road Closure 15/05/2019 13:02:00

28th May until 12th July 2019

Waverley Road, Small Heath will be closed between Malmesbury Road and Tennyson Road for the above period. During this time the 28A service will be diverted as follows:

28A Towards Small Heath – Continue Coventry Rd, left Wordsworth Rd to resume normal line of route
28A Towards Fox & Goose – Wordsworth Rd, right Coventry Rd to resume normal line of route
Oldknow Rd and Waveley Road will not be served during this closure, Bus stops along the diversion route on Coventry Rd will be served during this time.

Affected Services: 28A

22 Timetable Change 17/04/2019 10:18:56

From 28th April 2019

There will be a change to the timetable and route of this service from 28th April 2019. Service will become Wednesbury to Tipton Circular service.

New timetable available to download here.

Affected Services: 22

Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal Road Closure 10/04/2019 16:34:48

15th April until 29th July 2019

Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal will be closed to northbound traffic from its junction with Five Ways roundabout.

During this time services will be diverted as follows:

Service 17 to Stourbridge
From Lake Street, Church Street, Temple Street/Zoar Street, Abbey Street, Brook Street, Bird Street, Wood Road, Stickley Lane and follow normal line of route.

Service 17 to Dudley
Service not affected - follow normal line of route.

Service 223 to Dudley
Service not affected - follow normal line of route.
Service 223 to Bilston
Please use Gornal Interchange instead of the Bus Stop on Abbey Rd:
via Zoar Street, Abbey St, Brook Street, Wood Road, Stickley Lane to Kennedy Crescent, Normal line of route.

Affected Services: 17 223

145 / 145A Service Changes 05/04/2019 15:15:07

From Monday 8th April 2019

The 145 & 145A service will be operated by Diamond Bus from Monday 8th April 2019. There will be no change to the current timetable.

Tickets & Fares:
During the first the first week of operation from 8th April until 12th April existing igo fares will continue to be charged. Existing valid igo bus passes will continue to be accepted.

Diamond Bus Fares will come into effect from Saturday 13th April and igo passes will no longer be valid on these services.

nBus & Connecta multi-operator tickets and passes will continue to be valid in the appropriate areas.

Diamond Bus Fares from 13th April:

Bromsgrove Area   West Midlands Area   Diamond Network  
Valid from Barnt Green to Stoke Works on 145/145A service   Valid from Great Park to Rednal Island on 145/145A service   Valid for the whole route on 145/145A service  
Child Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month
Child Day
Adult Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month
£3.90 (off peak)
£4.20 (all day)
Child Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month








Tickets are available on-bus, or M-tickets are available online at or via the Diamond Bus App.

Affected Services: 145 145A

Ash Road Road Closure 02/04/2019 10:48:03

1st April - 15th July 2019. From 09.30 - 15.00

Ash Road between Adderley Road and Arden Road will be closed for major gas main upgrade works. During this time the 53 will be diverted as Follows:

Towards Smiths Wood: Continue Adderley Rd – Left Arden Road – Normal Line of Route

Towards Erdington: Continue Arden Rd – Right Adderley Rd – Normal line of Route

Affected Services: 53

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