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Service Updates

Bromsgrove Court Leet Fair 12/06/2019 10:44:06

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Bromsgrove Court Leet Fair will take place on Saturday 22nd June 2019. Between the hours of 10:30 and 10:45, the procession will move along Kidderminster Road, St. Johns Street and High Street. The following Bromsgrove services will be delayed during the carnival procession.
10:20 - 42 Bromsgrove to Redditch
10:26 - 145A Bromsgrove - Rubery
10:37 - 43 Bromsgrove - Princess of Wales Hospital


Affected Services: 42 43 | 43A 145A 145A

146 Service Changes 10/06/2019 14:51:42

From 30th June 2019

There will be some timetable changes on the 146 service from From 30th June 2019.

To download the new timetable click here, and to find out more about why these changes are happening and how you can support the 146 service further, visit our news story here.

Affected Services: 146

Kidderminster Bus Station Stand Changes 30/04/2019 14:57:10

from 28th April 2019

There will be some stand changes at Kidderminster Bus Station from 28th April 2019. Services now call at stands as follows:

Stand 2 1 to Rifle Range
192 to Halesowen
Stand 3 10 to Spennells
Stand 6 2 to Hales Park
42 to Hospital
125 to Bridgnorth
Stand 7 3 to Areley Kings
Stand 8 7 to Sion Hill
125 to Stourbridge
Stand 9 42 to Redditch
303 to Worcester
Stand 10 4 to Ferndale
9A/C to Cookley


Affected Services: 1 192 10 2 42 125 3 303 4 9A 9C

3 Service New Timetable 16/04/2019 10:20:41

From 21st April 2019

There will be a new timetable on the 3 service from 21st April 2019.

Download the new timetable here.

Dont Forget from 13th – 19th May 2019 you can travel on the 3 service for free, to find out more about this offer click here.

Affected Services: 3

145 / 145A Service Changes 05/04/2019 15:15:30

From Monday 8th April 2019

The 145 & 145A service will be operated by Diamond Bus from Monday 8th April 2019. There will be no change to the current timetable.

Tickets & Fares:
During the first the first week of operation from 8th April until 12th April existing igo fares will continue to be charged. Existing valid igo bus passes will continue to be accepted.

Diamond Bus Fares will come into effect from Saturday 13th April and igo passes will no longer be valid on these services.

nBus & Connecta multi-operator tickets and passes will continue to be valid in the appropriate areas.

Diamond Bus Fares from 13th April:

Bromsgrove Area   West Midlands Area   Diamond Network  
Valid from Barnt Green to Stoke Works on 145/145A service   Valid from Great Park to Rednal Island on 145/145A service   Valid for the whole route on 145/145A service  
Child Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month
Child Day
Adult Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month
£3.90 (off peak)
£4.20 (all day)
Child Day
Adult Day
Family Day
Child Week
Adult Week
Child Month
Adult Month











Tickets are available on-bus, or M-tickets are available online at or via the Diamond Bus App.

Affected Services: 145 145A

831 & 833 Fares Change 04/04/2019 09:42:51

7th February 2019


From 7th February the fares on these services will be:
831/833 Child Single    £1.80
831/833 Child Return    £2.80
831/833 Child Week    £11.50

These tickets are available on-bus and valid for travel on the 831 / 833 services only.
Kidderminster Zone tickets & passes are NOT valid for travel on the 831 / 833 service.

Affected Services: 831 833

2 Service Timetable Changes 04/04/2019 09:47:14

From 29th October 2018

The new 2 timetable has been retimed with the 125 service to provide a combined frequency to Bewdley, of every 27-33 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes. Combined 2 & 125 services from Bewdley towards Kidderminster will operate at a frequency of 18-42 minutes.

The new combined timetable is available to download here.



Affected Services: 2

Now Serves Silverwoods Leisure Centre 01/10/2018 13:11:05

From 3rd September 2018

From 3rd September 2018, the route 1 will now be extended to serve Silverwoods Leisure Centre in Kidderminster.

The new route will provide a 30 minute frequency service between Kidderminster Bus Station, Silverwoods and Rifle Range.

The new service will operate as hail & ride along Silverwoods Way and Passengers will be able to ask the driver to stop at the Leisure Centre or simply flag the bus down opposite the centre complex to travel back to the town.

Affected Services: 1

301 Service Bus Pass Applications 04/04/2019 09:39:01

From 9th July 2018

Bus passes for the 301 Redditch to Alcester Schools Service are available to purchase from our website here.

The following passes are available:

301 Service Pass
Term = £286
Academic Year = £780

This is valid on the 301 Schooldays service only.

301 Service + Network Pass
Term = £300
Academic Year = £820

This pass will also give students access to the benefits of a Diamond Network pass. This pass will be valid on the 301 plus all other services on the Diamond network
(Please note: Standard Diamond Child pass products are not valid on the 301 service, therefore this pass should be purchased if you wish to use the 301 plus other Diamond services.)

For students who receive free school travel via a bursary scheme through Warwickshire County Council, please contact the council as normal to apply for your travel award. 

Please note, that as places on the 301 service are limited the passes will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Passes will automatically be provided as a Mobile Phone M-ticket. If you would prefer to have a photocard style bus pass instead of an M-ticket, please email with your order confirmation and postal address and we will arrange to send a bus pass out to you.

Affected Services: 301

290 Timetable Change 03/01/2019 14:56:26

From 4th June 2018

There will be a change to the 290 service timetable from 4th June 2018. Please download new times here.

Affected Services: 290

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