Your guide to buying an M-ticket

Our mobile ticket platform is fully integrated into the new Diamond website and app. With options to buy online or on your mobile, there has never been an easier way to buy tickets.

Once you have registered your details you can purchase tickets either through the Website or via our Mobile App.

For a guide to setting up an account and making your M-ticket purchase visit our M-tickets Guide here, you can also purchase tickets on the website here. Your account will be fully integrated between the two platforms and you will be able to manage your tickets and order history through either portal.

Friends & Family M-Tickets

Our brand new Friends and Family system allow you to purchase Diamond Bus Tickets and Passes and send them to members of your friends or family to use on the bus.

With a few simple steps, you can set up your friends & family members and start "Gifting" Diamond M-tickets quickly and easily. Its ideal for Parents who would like to give multiple children in the family bus tickets and manage their families travel from one payment account.

For a guide to setting up your Friends & Family list and Gifting tickets to them visiting our Ticket Gifting Guide here

You can now also add Friends & Family Members to your account and gift M-tickets on the move via the Diamond Bus App.

Business Account M-Tickets

Are you from a college, school, local authority or business who would benefit from being able to buy bus passes for your students, trainees or employees?

With our new Business Accounts System, you can create an online account on which you can purchase multiple bus tickets and passes and "Gift" them to your list of Travellers.  With a Business Account you can purchase using a company credit or debit card, or apply for an invoicing account.

You can manage gifting to your Business Account Travellers through the Diamond Website, and your ticket recipients will be able to access their gifted tickets via both the website & app.

If you are interested is setting up a Business Ticketing Account with Diamond, check out our Business Accounting Guide here