Multi operator tickets

If you need to travel on multiple bus operator services, the following multi-operator tickets are accepted on Diamond Bus services.

In Derbyshire

Within Derbyshire County, we accept Derbyshire Wayfarer Bus-Only and Bus & Train Multi-Operator Tickets. These are valid on all services within Derbyshire County and also on direct journeys to and from Burton Town Centre, Uttoxeter and East Midlands Airport into Derbyshire.

Day tickets are available onboard from your driver, Day and Week tickets are also available from the TravelMasters website, which are supplied as Smartcards. 

In Greater Manchester

We sell and accept System One Travelcards for journeys wholly within Greater Manchester. Go to for details and prices.

In Staffordshire

From 19th January 2024, Staffordshire Knot Multi-Operator tickets will be available and valid on the following Diamond services only:
1 Burton to Tutbury, 10 Burton to Acorn Inn, 11 Burton to Anglesey Road, 12E Burton to Lichfield.

In Surrey

We accept Acorn Multi-Operator tickets on our Surrey services 458, 461, 555 & 557. Acorn ticket also offers unlimited travel across many other operators bus services in north Surrey. You can purchase your Acorn ticket onboard Diamond South East Services or via the Diamond Bus App (Please note: Diamond South East App QR code is not scannable on other operators services, please show your M-ticket to the driver for validation)

We also accept South Downs Discovery tickets where and when valid.

In the West Midlands

nBus tickets are valid on most operators buses in the West Midlands, including all Diamond Buses within the West Midlands County.

nNetwork tickets are valid on most buses, including Diamond Buses, plus all trains and trams in the West Midlands.

You can buy day tickets from our drivers, Regional day, week & 4-week passes are available on the Diamond Bus App* or visit for longer term ticket options.

We also accept Swift Smart Card season tickets (where valid), Swift Pay As You Go and Swift Go fare capping on our services. Find out more about Swift Smart Cards at

Diamond Bus does not accept other Bus Operators own-brand tickets or passes for full or part-payment for travel on our services in the West Midlands.

*Please note: nBus QR Codes do not scan on all operators services (such as National Express), however they are accepted and should be shown to the driver to inspect visually when boarding. Please check with your driver whether your m-ticket should be shown or scanned on their services.

If you pay for your journey on a National Express Bus using their Tap & Cap Contactless a physical nBus ticket will not be issued, you will not be able to swap between operators and you will be charged twice to travel on both operators services. For cross operator fare capping options we recommend using a Swift Go Card, which allows for multiple operator fare capping. You can purchase a physical nBus day ticket onboard a Diamond Bus using contactless payment. Simply ask the driver for an nBus Day ticket and tap your payment card when prompted by the driver, this will issue a bus ticket which is accepted on multiple operators in the nBus Scheme.

In Worcestershire

Throughout our Worcestershire network we accept Connecta tickets and passes. For more information about County Connecta, City Connecta, Kidderminster Connecta and Redditch Connecta visit Worcestershire County Council.

Please note Diamond Bus does not accept other Bus Operators tickets or passes for full or part-payment for travel on our services.