Kidderminster Zone Boundary

Kidderminster Zone passes are valid for travel on all* Diamond services within the Kidderminster Zone. On services that travel over the boundary the pass is valid until these points:

On 42 valid between Kidderminster Bus Station and Chaddesley Corbett only.
On 125 valid between Park Gate Inn and Button Oak only.
On 192 valid between Kidderminster Bus Station and Green Hill / Baldwin Road only.
On 292S valid between Kidderminster Bus Station and Callow Hill only.
On 302 valid between Hales Park and Ombersley only.
On 303 valid between Kidderminster Bus Station and Ombersley only.

Zones can also be viewed on our Network Maps pages.

* Service Exceptions:
Diamond Kidderminster Zone tickets and passes are NOT valid for travel on school services 831 & 833.