Service Updates

Bromsgrove Town Centre Diversion 23/04/2024 17:01:21

From 15th April until 7th October 2024

Due to the closure of Market Street in Bromsgrove town centre, the 52, 145 and 145A are currently diverted as follows:

Service will operate normal line of route into Bromsgrove Bus Station.

When leaving the Bus Station, services will turn right onto Market Street, follow to the traffic lights and turn right onto Stratford Road, then turn right onto West Road, Right onto College Road and follow to the end, Left onto New Road and resume normal line of route. The same on the return to Bromsgrove Bus Station.

Affected Services: 52 145 145A
Affected Regions: West Midlands, Worcestershire

New 12E Sunday Service 26/03/2024 11:31:17

From 8th April 2024

We are pleased to announce that from w/c 8th April a new Sunday Service will be introduced on Service 12E.
(First date of operation will be Sunday 14th April).

New Timetable available here

Affected Services: 12 12E
Affected Regions: Staffordshire

182 & 183 Service Improvements 04/04/2024 11:00:15

From 15th April 2024

From 15th April, The 182 & 183 Service will benefit from some great service improvements.

We’ll be introducing additional weekday services, including peak time morning and evening journeys. 

A brand new line of route, will now also include extra services to Barnt Green and Longbridge Rail Stations, making it a great choice for connections with local train services!

New Timetable available here

Affected Services: 182 183
Affected Regions: Worcestershire

RHU Diversion 12/03/2024 13:53:52

11th March 2024

Due to the road closure on Station Rd at Egham Station for the next four weeks, the RHU will be on diversion. 

In this time, we ask passengers for Egham Station to go to the Church Rd bus stop on the side of the road heading towards the station.

We expect these roadworks to cause significant delay. Please allow extra time for your journey. 

Affected Services: RHU
Affected Regions: Surrey

Service 25 Timetable Change 12/03/2024 11:00:26

From 7th April 2024

There will be a revised timetable in effect on Service 25 from 7th April. The new times have been implemented to improve journey reliability.

New Timetable Available Here

Affected Services: 25
Affected Regions: West Midlands

54 & 54A Timetable Changes 18/03/2024 10:58:17

From 7th April 2024

A revised timetable will come into effect on Service 54 & 54A from 7th April to improve journey reliability.

New timetable available here

Affected Services: 54 54A
Affected Regions: West Midlands

Service 16A Diversion 07/03/2024 17:13:08

Phase 1 - 7th April - 30th June 2024

Due to Midland Metro Extension works, Service 16A will be subject to some diversions around Birmingham City Centre.

Service 16A Towards West Bromwich: Normal line of route until Moor Street Queensway, then Left Carrs Lane, bear right Dale End, bear Left Bull Street , Right Corporation Street, Left Old Square then resume normal line of route.

Service 16A Towards City Centre will not be affected and will follow normal line of route.

Affected Services: 16A
Affected Regions: West Midlands

009 & 322 Services - Change of Operator 07/03/2024 16:19:08

From 14th April 2024

Diamond Bus will no longer operate services 009 and 322 from 14th April, due to the end of our contract period to provide these services for Derbyshire County Council.

For further information on changes and new operators for these services, please contact Derbyshire County Council:

Affected Services:
Affected Regions: Derbyshire

Service 10 & 831 to John Taylor Free School 05/04/2024 14:21:00

From 4th March until end of July 2024

A new timetable will come into effect from 8th April until end of July 2024, due service diversions affecting journeys to and from JTFS on services 10, 10S & 831. 

Service 10S will operate the normal line of route.

Service 10 & 831 towards JTFS, will operate normal line of route until Burton New St, services will then operate via Shobnall Rd, Wellington Rd to Branston Interchange, then normal line of route to JTFS.

Service 10 & 831 towards Burton, will follow the 10S route along Wellington Rd, Then turn right at B&Q island to Burton New St. Services will then resume normal routes to Acorn Inn & Hilton.

Passengers along Burton Rd & Branston Main St should connect with these service at Burton New St by using service X12.

New Timetable and Diversion map available here

Affected Services: 10 10S 831
Affected Regions: Derbyshire, Staffordshire

Kingsway, Stretford 01/03/2024 16:17:11

29 May 2024 Thu 20 Jun 2024

Kingsway, Stretford

29 May to 20 Jun 2024


Until summer 2024, carriageway redesign works will take place on Kingsway, between Chester Road and Barton Road.

The closure will impact traffic on the A56 Chester Road and major events taking place in the nearby area.

Affected Services: 254
Affected Regions: North West

Service 1 Diversion 01/03/2024 11:32:49

From 4th March until 28th June 2024

Derby Road, from Derby Road Island to James Brindley Way will be closed from 04th March until 28th June 2024. During this time Service 1 will be diverted as follows:

Service 1 – Towards Tutbury

Depart Burton via normal route to Derby Turn Island, then Left onto Horninglow Road. Follow to Rolleston Road, then Right onto Rolleston Road, Right onto Bitham Lane, Right onto Britannia Drive, Left onto Bridge Street, then resume normal route towards Tutbury.

Service 1 – Towards Burton 

Follow normal route from Tutbury to Stretton Church, then right onto Main street.

Follow to Britannia Drive, then Right onto Britannia Drive, follow to the end. Left onto Bitham Lane, follow to Rolleston Road, Left onto Rolleston Road, the Left onto Horninglow Road, follow to Derby Turn Island and turn right, resuming normal route to Burton New St.

During this time bus stops along Derby Rd and parts of Princes Way will not be able to be served.

Affected Services: 1
Affected Regions: Staffordshire

Service 17 Diversion 01/03/2024 11:35:35

From 4th March until 28th June 2024

Derby Road, from Derby Road Island to James Brindley Way will be closed from 04th March until 28th June 2024. During this time Service 17 will be diverted as follows:

Service 17 – Towards Stretton

Normal route to the Depot, at the T.A Centre on Wharf Road turn left onto Hawkins Lane. At the traffic lights at the end turn right onto Horninglow St, Continue onto Horninglow Road. Turn right onto Rolleston Road, Turn right onto Bitham Lane.

At Stretton Church  Resume Normal route to Claymills

Service 17 – Towards Burton 

After Stretton Church turn right onto Brittania Drive, Turn left onto Bitham Lane, 

Turn left onto Rolleston Road, Turn left onto Horninglow Road, Continue onto Horninglow St, Turn left onto Hawkins Lane, Right onto Wharf Road, Right onto Wetmore Road and resume normal route. 

During this time bus stops at Northside Business Pk and parts of Princes Way will not be able to be served.

Affected Services: 17
Affected Regions: Staffordshire

Service X12 & 12E Diversion 01/03/2024 10:40:37

From 3rd March until 28th July 2024

Branston Road at Branston Interchange will be closed in one direction from 3rd March until 26th July 2024. During this time Service X12 & 12E will be diverted as follows:

Service X12 / 12E – Towards Burton

When returning to Burton, service will be unable to turn right onto Main Street at Branston. Service will continue along Wellington Road to Morrisons. At Morrisons Turn Right and continue the full length of Clays Lane, then resume normal route to Burton.

St Saviours Church stop will not be served towards Burton during this time. The closest Bus Stop will be Arnot Rd, Branston.

Service X12 / 12E – Towards Lichfield 

Route is Not affected in this direction, and will proceed to normal route.

Affected Services: X12 12E
Affected Regions: Staffordshire

710 Diversion Route 23/02/2024 08:06:20

28th February - 14th March 2024

Due to a road closure on Station Road, Amersham, the 710 will be on a diverted route within Amersham from the 28th February - 14th March 2024. The diversion route will follow as below:

- Hill Avenue

- Chiltern Avenue

- Right at Station Road

- Rectory Hill

- Church Street

- Broadway

Returning to normal line of route.

If there are any changes we will update you as soon as we can. 

Affected Services: 710
Affected Regions: Surrey

N30 Service update 22/02/2024 10:48:04

24th February - 25th February

Due to the night service on the Piccadilly line not running this weekend, the N30 will be extended to run to Acton, as per the timetable during the week.

This will allow Heathrow airport staff and customers to be able to get to the airport in the early morning.

The fares will remain the same at £2 singles and free for Heathrow Colleagues.

Affected Services: N30
Affected Regions: Surrey

BL1 Bus Timetable Update 2024 01/02/2024 10:52:24

5th January 2024

We’ve listened to customers on our BL1 service, and we are pleased to introduce a revised timetable from Monday 5th January 2024 to ensure customers are able to fit with the arrival and departure times of fast South Western Railway London services.


For more information, and to download our timetable in a handy PDF format, click here.

Affected Services: BL1
Affected Regions: Surrey

Mill Street, Brierley Hill Road Closure 03/01/2024 13:34:21

From Wednesday 3rd January until approx. Tuesday 2nd July 2024

From Wednesday 3rd January, Mill Street will be closed in one direction for highway improvement works. During this time, services 25, 226 & 226A will be diverted. 

25 To Stourbridge and 226/226A To Dudley:

Buses will divert from Mill Street Left via Venture Way, and Right into High Street to rejoin the normal line of route turning Left into Moor St 

25 To Dudley and 226/226A To Merry Hill:

Buses will follow the normal line of route. 

Affected Services: 25 226 226A
Affected Regions: West Midlands

Dudley Bus Station Closure 01/02/2024 14:50:15

From 14th January 2024

From 14th January Dudley Bus Station will close and all services will be re-routed to new stopping locations in Dudley Town Centre.

A map of the new stopping locations can be found here




New Stand




Merry Hill



Tower Street



Kingswinford / 
Wall Heath (5A)



Tower Street



Merry Hill



Tower Street

Please note there will also be some timetable
changes to Mon-Fri journeys on the 226





Tower Street






Tower Street






Tower Street






Priory Road



West Bromwich



Priory Road






New Street






New Street






New Street


Calling point for services
allocated to DY7 - DY11



Castle Street



You can keep up to date with the developments at Dudley Bus Station at the TfWM website here

Affected Services: 5 5A 17 17A 17S 18 25 27 27A 74A 81 82 223 226 226A 229
Affected Regions: West Midlands

555 & 556 Road closure 07/03/2024 10:17:14

8th March 2024 Overnight

For 1 night on the 8th March between 8pm and 6am Church Rd in Ashford will be closed.

The diversion route follows as:


  • After Ashford Hospital, Left onto London Rd.

  • Right at roundabout onto Clockhouse Lane.

  • Returns to normal line of route from Town Tree Road.


  • Same route in reverse.

Stops not served:

  • London Rd
  • Salcombe Rd
  • Station Crescent
  • Dudley Rd
  • War Memorial

This closure for roadworks may cause delays on the services, so please allow extra time for your journey.

For more information go to:

Affected Services: 555 556
Affected Regions: Surrey

Bewdley Bridge - Bus Service Update 04/04/2024 17:19:07

From 19th October 2023 for approx 18 Months

From 19th October the next phase of Bewdley Bridge & flood alleviation works will commence, this is expected to take approx 18 months to complete. Bewdley Bridge will be subject to one-way traffic during this time.

During this period, Bewdley services will be diverted and a revised Temporary Shuttle service will be implemented:

8 Service – Normal line of route between Rifle Range and Hales Park. Service will then serve Bark Hill, then Cleobury Road, Bewdley Bypass, Safari Park Island, then resume normal line of route. Passengers wishing to travel from Load Street to Wribbenhall, Queens Way, Habberley are advised to board the service outside the Retreat Bus Stop in Load Street (not at Tesco) and stay on around the bypass loop.

125 Service – Normal line of route between Stourbridge and Bridgnorth. Return service will operate normal line of route to Dog Lane, Bewdley, will then use Cleobury Road, Bewdley Bypass to Safari Park Island, then resume normal line of route.

296 Service – Normal line of route into Bewdley until Bewdley Bypass, then straight to Safari Park Island,  left and then follow into Load Street. Passengers are advised to board outside the Retreat Bus Stop (not at Tesco). Service will exit Load Street and return via Cleobury Road and Bewdley Bypass.

292 Service – Service will operate normal to Ludlow from Kidderminster, return journey will operate normal line of route between Ludlow and Bewdley Bypass Island and will then use the bypass to Safari Park island then normal line of route.

292S Service – Service will not be able to serve Cleobury Road or Load Street in both directions service will use Bewdley Bypass.

302 Service – Will start service at Catchems End serving Load Street, Hop Pole, Bewdley Bypass then resume normal line of route.

A Temporary Bewdley Shuttle Service will come be in operation during this time.

For further updates, please continue to check or our social media pages.

Affected Services: 8 125 292 292S 296 302 BEWD
Affected Regions: Shropshire, Worcestershire

Marlborough Square 19/09/2023 09:54:14

From 25th September 2023

Due to roadworks Marlborough Square, Coalville will not be able to be served from 25th Sept for approx 8 months.

During this time the 125 service will be diverted as follows:

Towards Leicester Normal Line of Route to Ashby Rd, Memorial Square then continue onto Belvoir St omitting Marlborough Square

Affected Services: 125
Affected Regions: Leicestershire

A38 slip road closure 28/02/2023 11:32:18


During the A38 slip road closure routes 817/818 will not serve Streethay.
Route 819 will replace 817/818 through Streethay, it will run via A38, Cappers Lane, Trent Valley Road, Oak Way (turning circle), Trent Valley Road, St Michael Road to Nether Stowe and Friary Schools.

Affected Services: 817 818 819
Affected Regions: Staffordshire