Service Updates

X12 Streethay Diversion 17/06/2024 16:28:35

From 24th June until 30th September 2024

Due to changes around the Streethay Junction roadworks, The X12 will be subject to an alternative diversion and new Monday to Friday timetable from 24th June 2024.

The southbound slip road will reopen and the northbound slip road will close for 3 months.

Timetable and new route available to download here

Affected Services: X12
Affected Regions: Staffordshire

Service 10 & 831 to John Taylor Free School 05/04/2024 14:21:00

From 4th March until end of July 2024

A new timetable will come into effect from 8th April until end of July 2024, due service diversions affecting journeys to and from JTFS on services 10, 10S & 831. 

Service 10S will operate the normal line of route.

Service 10 & 831 towards JTFS, will operate normal line of route until Burton New St, services will then operate via Shobnall Rd, Wellington Rd to Branston Interchange, then normal line of route to JTFS.

Service 10 & 831 towards Burton, will follow the 10S route along Wellington Rd, Then turn right at B&Q island to Burton New St. Services will then resume normal routes to Acorn Inn & Hilton.

Passengers along Burton Rd & Branston Main St should connect with these service at Burton New St by using service X12.

New Timetable and Diversion map available here

Affected Services: 10 10S 831
Affected Regions: Derbyshire, Staffordshire

Service X12 & 12E Diversion 01/03/2024 10:40:37

From 3rd March until 28th July 2024

Branston Road at Branston Interchange will be closed in one direction from 3rd March until 26th July 2024. During this time Service X12 & 12E will be diverted as follows:

Service X12 / 12E – Towards Burton

When returning to Burton, service will be unable to turn right onto Main Street at Branston. Service will continue along Wellington Road to Morrisons. At Morrisons Turn Right and continue the full length of Clays Lane, then resume normal route to Burton.

St Saviours Church stop will not be served towards Burton during this time. The closest Bus Stop will be Arnot Rd, Branston.

Service X12 / 12E – Towards Lichfield 

Route is Not affected in this direction, and will proceed to normal route.

Affected Services: X12 12E
Affected Regions: Staffordshire